Infill housing developments in the Wellington region

Infill housing in Wellington.

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Infill dwellings are a great solution for those who have access to a small piece of land and are looking to provide more housing. Infill dwellings are a permitted activity under the Wellington District Plan.  

What are infill houses / developments?

Simply put, an infill house is a second dwelling that you can build on your property, within the rules of the district plan without subdividing. Often, It is worth pushing the boundaries of the district plan and going through the resource consent process to maximise your options when building an infill dwelling.

How do I know if my property is right for an infill dwelling?

Easy! Get in touch with our expert designers. They are highly skilled and hold plenty of experience when it comes to developing infill houses. They're experienced in the whole process, from initial feasibility, to resource and building consent.

Can I build an infill house outside of Wellington? 

No - Each local authority has a version of their own district plan outlining what is possible. We work within the Wellington region to ensure that our design vision is built to a high standard by our very own highly experienced builders who have worked through infill dwellings and new builds in the past.

How much money would it cost to build an infill dwelling? 

The beauty of an infill dwelling is that they're smaller than a traditional home. That means cost effective! The footprint of your infill dwelling relies on how much available site coverage you have remaining and what the site topography is like - As a wellington based company, we're familiar with the ground conditions and the steepness of properties.

Infill housing process

Our process for infill housing follows the same structure as all our projects. We're thorough from the first meeting to the last day on site.

Architectural design

01 - Starting your Journey

Every journey starts with a discovery meeting. Get in touch and start your journey today.

03 - Concept Design Meeting

Concept Design - We take your vision and turn it into a site specific 3D modeled environment.

06 - Building Consent Documentation

Developed design - Once we have nailed your vision, we create detailed drawings that your local council will review.

08 - Building Consent Granted

We manage the building consent for you and let you know when it is time to celebrate an approved building consent.

Building excellence

Once we have priced your consented plans, we will organise a meeting to run through the construction estimate for your project.

We're on site! Another exciting milestone along your journey as your vision comes to life.

Shopping day! Together, we go shopping to chose your selections, and products for your incredible project.

Move in day - Once everything is finished and your vision has come to life, you get to move in and enjoy it!

Free consultation.

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