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DATE | 29 JUL 2023


Just a stones-throw from Lyall Bay beach, the construction of this modern family abode ticks all the boxes for warmth, comfort and longevity.

The demolition of a well -loved 1913 home provided the opportunity for this family to start new.

Flexible spaces for hosting friends and family as well as work from home requirements were key considerations for this active family.

105 freyberg st exterior view
105 freyberg st hallway

With the reality of a full renovation costing near the price of a demo+new build, Emily and Kieran took the plunge for the long-term payoff of a brand new home that suited their needs from the ground up.

The set back location of this new home allows for a cricket run (a must have!) and roadside garage for storage of all things surf related.

A vaulted ceiling with high level windows captures the light of the western skyline while also balancing the structural aesthetic from the exterior.

Custom joinery with warm oak elements throughout the home create a cohesive narrative that makes each space comfortable and familiar.

105 freyberg st kitchen
105 freyberg st kitchen island
105 freyberg st bathroom

“It was a difficult time to be undertaking a building project in 2022 with the supply chain and inflation issues, but we felt really well supported in the decisions that needed to be taken.

The integrated design, build and project management all within the one business worked really well for us. It meant our vision for what we wanted was well understood and reflected at every stage and we were clear about the costs and practicalities right from the beginning.

What they delivered exceeded our expectations. We feel really lucky to live in such a beautiful home.”

- Emily & Kieran

105 freyberg street laundry
105 freyberg st outside
105 freyberg st lighting fixtures
Completion Date: 16 OCT 2023
Project Duration: 11 Months

Built by Grow My Business

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