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Jul 9, 2024

Info | Buying a Home in Wellington? Do your Due Diligence.

Unfortunately it's not uncommon for Agents or Inspectors to gloss over details to ensure the best sale price of a property.

While walking the path to purchasing in Wellington, be informed and collect as much information as you can.

See some links below to useful websites that offer a range of information:

Wellington Web Maps: Search the property address to discover the Wind Zone, Flood Zone and Drainage Map.

Wellington City District Plan: Search the property address to understand the Assigned Precinct , Height Restrictions, Noise Zones, View Corridors and other Significant Designations.

Greater Wellington Regional Council - Shaky Ground: Search the property to determine which Shaky Ground [Earthquake] Zone the property falls within.

If you're getting serious about making an offer, don't hesitate to order the building archives for the property from the Wellington City Council - Building Consent Search website. Its a $60.00 investment that can uncover some interesting information - good and bad!

Get ahead of the game and be informed.

Info | Buying a Home in Wellington? Do your Due Diligence.


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