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DATE | 18 DEC 2019

waikawa Beach

One hour north of Wellington along the Kapiti Coast lies the sea-side haven of Waikawa Beach.

With an emphasis on slow-living and wide open space, this little outpost is a great place to get away from the commotion of city living.

Built on a driven-pile system, the design of this 3 bedroom bach hovers above the low-lying wetland ensuring the surrounding ecosystems can endure.

93 strathnaver drive exterior walkways
93 strathnaver drive exterior nightitme
93 strathnaver drive exterior nightitme

With open plan living and dining, bedrooms for guest accommodation and a central amenities block, this dwelling has the makings of the great kiwi-bach at heart.

Extensive boardwalks surrounding the structure offer flexible indoor-outdoor living as well as an accessible platform to complete any required building maintenance.

Vast glazing within the dwelling brings a sense of airiness to the interior and allows for sunlight to travel through the space year-round.

93 strathnaver drive living room
93 strathnaver drive kitchen
93 strathnaver drive deck

For Tim and Carolyn it was important that the kitchen be the heart of the home. The solid ash island bench is a natural rendezvous point where all things, food, activity and conversation occur.

Lined with hardwood flooring, the adjoining living room is a blank canvas for a myriad of uses. The best however, simply enjoying the sunset.

Sustainably grown NZ Macrocarpa was used to clad the building in a vertical orientation and balance out the length of the structure. Its natural texture and rustic warmth do well to emulate the coastal landscape.

93 strathnaver drive exterior sunset
93 strathnaver drive exterior sunset
Completion Date: 01 DEC 2019
Build Duration: 11 Months

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