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DATE | 06 MAy 2019


Nestled in the heart of the Miramar Peninsula, this 2-bedroom dwelling was the perfect solution for a family needing a little extra space with a whole lot of privacy.

With family returning form overseas and facing a challenging housing market in the central Wellington region, our Tōtara road clients banded together to take advantage of their front yard.

The 60 square meter foot print, split over two levels, boast all of the modern comforts.

20 totara road house building exterior
20 totara front room
20 totara road living dining kitchen
20 totara road living room

The west facing glazing captures great views and all-day sun while the 3.6 meter ceiling height in the living room creates a sense of extra space.

Our custom joinery played a key role in this build as every square inch counted.

Sustainably grown NZ Macrocarpa in conjunction with black exterior joinery work harmoniously amongst the surrounding nature.

2023 District Plan changes now allow up to 3 dwellings on any one property. Building new, small and considered is a great option for many families looking for more space or an opportunity to future proof for following generations.

20 totara Rd hallway
20 totara road roof
20 totara road bannister
20 totara road house exterior
20 totara road exterior night time
20 totara road aerial view
Completion Date: 20 APR 2019
Build Duration: 6 Months

Built by Grow My Business

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