Rhys Doesburg

Rhys Doesburg

Managing Director


Rhys has 15 years of construction experience in residential and commercial practices. He trained within a large company giving him exposure to a wide variety of projects. This experience taught him the methods and techniques that enable him to achieve great results. From there Rhys accrued several industry awards, building his confidence to a level that lead to self-employment.

As the co-founder & managing director of INLINE Design & Build, this being his greatest challenge to date, learning the value of discipline and communication. He enjoys training new staff and developing job roles to ensure critical responsibilities are met. He takes great satisfaction in watching people grow as individuals and members of the team

In his spare time, Rhys plays the piano and guitar, he is a jazz fanatic. He has an overwhelming passion for food and whether he’s growing it, cooking it or eating it, he’ll tell you that every part of the process is better with a glass of Martinborough Pinot Noir in hand.

Rhys’ goal is to create a higher standard of living in New Zealand and for that to be accessible to everyone, he believes quality housing is a fundamental right for all New Zealanders.

Rhys is a highly passionate and determined individual and is the valued and respected leader of the INLINE team. He believes the INLINE company culture is superb and a testament to everyone within it. Rhys is extremely proud of what this company has achieved together and is excited for what the future holds

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