Sam Willis

Sam Willis


Sam has 10 years of experience as a builder, experience gained within the UK and New Zealand. He discovered a passion for carpentry when helping his Grandad as a young sprog. Sam completed a sports science degree, but after completing his degree he was drawn back to the trade and completed his apprenticeship. After becoming qualified, Sam started his own carpentry business in the UK before moving to New Zealand.

Sam is what one may consider a hobbyist, he surfs, fishes, dives and renovates his house. He doesn’t shy away from a friendly round of darts either. His favourite tipple is a ‘proper’ English pint served at room temperature. He claims this is both delicious and refreshing. You’ll usually find him with his side-kick Pippi the puppy. Sam’s a highly motivated individual and his passion for the finer finishing details makes him a key component of the INLINE team.

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