Matt Topkins

Matt Topkins

Design Director

Matt has 8 years of prior experience in a commercial architecture practice, projects ranged from high-end commercial interiors, high-security prisons, sustainable design and even large-scale solar design in developing countries. As the co-founder of INLINE Design & Build, Matt has always had a fondness for residential design because of the opportunity to understand a client on a personal note, how they desire to live and what function their home requires is all part of what makes residential design intriguing. He has always enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of design and has a great eye for space planning, but the real enjoyment lies in how a person reacts to the built environment.

It was only fitting that Matt would pursue his passion and studied Interior Architecture at Victoria University to explore architecture at a human scale. His expertise is broad and highly valued.

Matt has a great appreciation for the outdoors and enjoys mountain biking and tramping. He has been known to enjoy the occasional superhero movie whilst devouring too much of his wife’s cooking. He’s an enthusiastic home brewer and subsequently a beer drinker too. He has pet chickens and cares for them like they are his own children. Matt has a great zest for life and is a highly respected part of the team.

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