Hati Nui

Hati Nui

Joiners Apprentice

Hati has been a fixture in our joinery factory for a year now. He is learning the ropes skillfully as he works through his joinery apprenticeship along side Matt broadening his understanding of the trade. He already has a great eye for detail in joinery finishes and is well on the way to manufacturing his own projects.

If you take a minute to chat to Hati, you'll never quite know where the conversation may lead. He's and interesting bloke who's hobbies include long-boarding and samurai sword making. Dig a little deeper and you'll learn Hati has some seriously fancy feet. He practices and competes regularly on the Modern Jive dance stage.

Known for his commitment to lunch, Hati's go to is a 3 Pepper Chicken from Subway with a zesty L&P to follow. He's a top-notch guy on his way up in the INLINE factory.

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