Daven Candy

Daven Candy


Daven is swiftly gaining momentum within the building industry. Completing a Bachelor of Architecture at Victoria University prior to commencing his role at INLINE Design & Build, has given him a comprehensive understanding of building principles. Daven has a knack for reinventing spaces and thoroughly enjoys the design component of construction.

Daven is a highly motivated fellow and strives to educate himself, he’s passionate about finding sustainable means of design and collaborating with like-minded sorts. Daven’s go to tipple is a coconut water ‘cause it keeps him seriously hydrated. His favourite animal is a goat, which is very fitting because goats are noted for their lively behavior. We are a little dubious about his favourite quote - "Always trust a man with a ginger mustache" - Daven Candy 2019, but we’re convinced he’s a good guy none the less. He’s an asset to the team.

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