Our Process.

We have a structured, open approach.

Architectural design

01 - Starting your Journey

To start your journey, we have a discovery meeting with you, typically at your home or property to discuss your vision and get a feel for the space.

02 - Concept Design Brief

We will send you a concept design brief, once signed, we will take care or ordering archives, measuring, engaging sub-consultants where required, and work through establishing your concept design.

03 - Concept Design Meeting

Concept design meeting - this is always an exciting step. You come to our office and we present your concept. This is typically done with printed plans, and using our architectural software on a large display to walk you through your design.

04 - Adjustments to Concept

Adjustments to the concept - Like you, we don't want to proceed to the next step of your project unless you're 100% in love with what we have produced. We use this stage to make adjustments and bring your vision to life.

05 - Developed Design Brief

After we have created your concept, we will send a developed design & building consent brief to you. Once signed, we will begin the next vital step of preparing your project for a building consent.

06 - Building Consent Documentation

Building consent documentation - It's not interesting to some people, but we thrive on the details of putting together a clear and concise package of drawings for our builders and the building consent officers.

07 - Building Consent Submission

Building consent lodgement - After the final sign of by you, we will lodge this on your behalf, then we wait for your local council to respond.

08 - Building Consent Granted

Building consent granted - An exciting milestone on your journey, this is great news and should be celebrated!

Building excellence

Once you have obtained a building consent, we will price your drawings and organise a meeting to run through our construction estimate for your project.

Following your construction estimate meeting, we work with you to find the best start date to break ground on your project.

We're on site! Another exciting milestone along your journey. This is sometimes messy with earthworks, however, starts to give something for you to enjoy seeing past the paper design.

Our project managers, builders and sub-contractors will be working closely with you to ensure that as we move through the build phases - your vision is being brought to life as per the drawings and to the level of finish you envisioned.

Kitchen & Bathroom design & selections meeting - This is a fun milestone to get through on your journey. We take a second look at your kitchen with fresh site measurements, and spread out all the kitchen bench and cabinet finishes, carpets and paint and help you find the best finishes for your kitchen and bathrooms.

Shopping day! This is another exciting milestone. As your project is coming to the finishing stages - we spend a day taking you out and guiding you through the selections and finishing process, this is a tricky step to undertake alone, so we make sure we're there to offer our thoughts, guidance and understanding of products where required.

Move in day - Perhaps the most exciting part of the whole project - Once everything is finished and your vision has come to life, you get to move in and enjoy it! Well worth it after the exciting and sometimes stressful journey that is all part of designing and building.


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