We might be biased, but we think we do some pretty amazing stuff. We're proud of our reputation, our work and our company culture.

About us

INLINE is a full-service design and build company, backed by the Licensed Building Practitioner scheme.

We love what we do and we make it our mission to create an environment that our builders can be proud to be a part of.

We're proud to be based in Wellington and can build on any site, whether it’s perched on a cliff, down 80 steps or flat up against another building. We have a team of highly skilled designers, builders and joiners who all believe in making high quality, customised homes accessible to all.

How we work

Instead of thinking about how big we can make spaces or buildings, we prefer to focus on how we can get the most out of a space by utilising what is already there, keeping things small and, making the space functional.  By working with a smaller footprint we can build more unique spaces that don’t cost the Earth - in dollars or in excess resources.

We have an open and personable approach, and work in a way that gives our clients a chance to enjoy the experience of transforming their homes into a space that meets their needs and that they are proud to call home.

We take our responsibility to our clients seriously. Renovating and building is a new experience for many - it’s a decision that is not taken lightly and one that comes with a significant financial investment.  We’ll sit down with you and get to know who you are and why you are interested in renovating or building. We'll make the time to answer any questions you have, no matter how big or small. We’ll show up when we say we’re going to, and we’ll treat you with respect and kindness while working to get you the highest quality home for the money you are investing.

We’ve been around the building block a fair few times, so we know that it’s not just about the building outcome, but the process we use to get to that outcome. No matter how skilled we are as craftspeople, if we can’t communicate effectively with one another and with our clients, our work will never reach its full potential.

Therefore, we look for people who are willing and able to communicate openly and honestly and who know how to build relationships underpinned by trust. This goes for our staff and sub-contractors we use, through to the clients we work with. And the results speak for themselves.

Check out our work.

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